Create School Seating Charts

Seating Chart Maker is an online tool. Use it to create and print seatings charts for classrooms.

Get started
Man organizing student names on a classroom layout board.

Automatic seating

  • Automatically shuffle the names around the room
  • Alphabetic, random, etc.
  • Tweak or create from scratch with drag and drop

Together, apart etc. with groups

  • Keep students separated to avoid distractions
  • Seat students next to each other
  • Select students to be seated in front or back row

From start to a printed chart in minutes

  • Simple wizard with three steps
  • Reuse rosters and rooms
  • Printable version of your chart

How it works

# 1

Create or import a roster

Import is supported from most apps and spreadsheets. In this phase, you can easily e.g. set up a group of students, that should be kept separated in an automatically generated chart.

Screenshot of student roster being created with Seating Chart Maker.
# 2

Set up available seats

Create the room layout. Place chairs freely and rotate 360°. Drag and drop. Quick creator for usual layouts.

Screenshot of a classroom layout being created with Seating Chart Maker.
# 3

Generate seating chart

Automatically generate a seating chart, tweak it if you like and print it. You can easily create new charts later with the same roster and room.

Screenshot of a seating chart being made with Seating Chart Maker.

Tada! 🎉 It's ready to be printed!

Printed seating chart


Is it free?


Can I create a chart manually?

Yes! You can tweak the automatically created chart or place people manually from scratch.

What kind of seats does the maker support?

We've tried to make sure that any kind of room could be created with our tool. Keep in mind that if your layout is exotic, you're probably not able to perfectly replicate it in our tool. However, by placing single person seats and with a bit of imagination, anything should be possible.

Do I need to install something?

Seating Chart Maker app works in your browser; no need to install anything.

How can I import a student list? What formats are supported?

To import a roster, all you need to do, is copy and paste the list of names. It doesn't matter, where you copy it from. Seating Chart Maker has a simple input field where you can paste a list. We automatically detect separator characters (new line, comma etc.). If you can not copy directly from the source, you're usually able to first export to a CSV, Excel or other format, where you can copy the list to your clipboard.

Can I create multiple seating charts for the same room and student list?

Yes. You can reuse both the rooms and the rosters, and combine them freely. E.g. reuse a room and create seating charts for multiple student rosters.