by Brooke Ressell·last updated Apr 28, 2022

Seating Charts: The Ultimate Classroom Management Hack

You spent so much time perfecting the day’s lesson plan, but as you look around the room, you notice that chaos has suddenly ensued. Instead of working nicely on their group projects as planned, your students have gotten noticeably loud and very off…

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by Brooke Ressell·last updated May 16, 2022

Impressive Tech Tools That Make Teaching Efficient and Far More Effective

If there’s one thing modern teachers love, it’s all of the impressive tech tools available to them that make teaching both efficient and far more effective than it once was. New tech tools seem to be coming out all the time, and each of them is…

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by Brooke Ressell·last updated Jun 2, 2022

Classroom Management Strategies: The Ultimate Teacher’s Guide

Do you remember when you first started studying to be a teacher? You put in crazy long hours learning everything there was to know about your subject area, and you tirelessly practiced the art of teaching in a classroom full of your peers. From…

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by Mikko Haapanen·last updated Aug 5, 2023

Class Size Statistics & Trends: Visualized & Curated

The typical class size in US public schools is 16-23 students. In the academic year 2020-2021, the mean class size was 18.3 students, a slight decrease from the 2017-2018 average of 19.6 students. These figures represent the mean across both primary…

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by Mikko Haapanen·last updated Aug 6, 2023

Average Classroom Size (Square Feet/Meters)

The average size of a classroom, considering surface area, in the United States measures approximately 900 square feet (84 m²), typically between 700 and 1,100 square feet (65 and 102 m²). These dimensions are applicable across primary, middle, and…

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by Mikko Haapanen·last updated Jan 4, 2024

Classroom Seating Chart Templates (Editable)

Once upon a time in a bustling classroom, Ms. Thompson faced a challenge. Her diverse group of students, each with their own learning styles and needs, had to be seated in a way that maximized their learning potential. This is a familiar scenario for…

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